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Size doesn't matter when it comes to style and New Look does not compromise in any way on providing the latest trends and looks to all their female customers. It is perfect over jeans and a pair of New Look's towering Limited Coral T-Bar Block Heels. New Look, a pioneer of cutting edge fashion, leads the way on the high street having included their Inspire range, a collection of plus size clothing that has been available for an established amount of time.

There are currently some stand-out pieces in the collection. They are aware that fashion should be inclusive and in their range is something for everyone. - formal dresses promgirl -

About New Look. Their Inspire Animal Print Belted Maxi Dress is luxurious and glamorous. From jackets to handbags, maternity clothes to jumpsuits, mens shoes to kidswear, New Look offers glamorous clothing at affordable prices.

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In 2010, Victoria Beckham banned size 0 models from modelling at her catwalk shows, a signifier from one of fashion's significant players that the industry was moving forward.

More currently and more impressively, Israel posed an entire ban on all underweight fashion models based on criteria that British Mass Index should not fall below 18.5.

Their Inspire range is a complete extension of the high fashion wardrobes included in their other ranges. Their Inspire Coral Waterfall Jacket hits the trend for pastel colours and tailored layering for spring. They also offer perfect party dresses like the Inspire Black Jersey Dress that is sleek and sophisticated enough to wear to an assortment of events.

With fashion growing and developing in its approach to embracing a variety of shapes and sizes and not just one idea of beauty, there is hope that ideologies are still shifting and one day will leave the elitist philosophy behind and make way for bigger models.


Fashion is meant to move forward and with high street help from pioneers like New Look, it looks like it is.

New Look are award winning fashion retailers, and offer a wide choice of clothing to suit all tastes. - promgirl prom dresses -

While the world of couture seems slower to make these changes, the high street appears to lead the way when it comes to all-inclusive fashion

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